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I’m writing, I’m writing…

January 4, 2010

Yes, the year has begun and I need to stat churning out the promised 100thinythings soon.  I’m just clinging on to my valuable alonewithscribbles time before I crack my skull open onto the internet and see what comes of it*.

Also, getting somewhat wrapped up in how awesome it is that there’s blogging going on for the upcoming production of Cloud 9 in Toronto.  I loves me some Caryl Churchill (although, confession: I always have to double-check the spelling of her name).  I saw Cloud 9 played by a student cast in Sackville last October.  It really brought the best out of a bunch of actors I knew and mostly already loved.  Churchill is like that, I think.  Because she makes you work so friggin’ hard for it.  Everything she gives you is so complicated and fucked up and real and fake and crazy.  She totally knows some top secret stuff, but you can’t have it unless you wrestle her for it.

More to the point, it’s music.  (If you read it in Anne-Marie MacDonald’s blog, it’s so.)

So yeah.  That’s something I like.

More Life,

*The melodrama will make sense when you find out what kind of people have been nesting in there lately.  I am just trying to set you up to maybe kind of like them, here.

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