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February 7, 2010

Okay, so a while ago I signed up for this formspring thing.  You’ve heard of this?  It’s like anonymous question time.  Like the question box in sex ed, except I’m not a nurse…or qualified in any other particular area.

So I signed up for it because I’m naturally drawn to little boxes you stuff secret things into, especially when those secrets are then like, shared with EVERYBODY, and yet are still on some level totally secret and mysterious.  I just dig that kind of thing.

But I didn’t tell anybody about my secret question box on the internet because I couldn’t actually fathom what might compel anybody to question me anonymously.

So: experiment.  My formspring is now officially open for any inquiries related to the 100tinyplays project that you want to make without me knowing who wants to know.

Questions about my feelings re: ice cream flavours et cetera also acceptable.

If somebody asks a question I refuse to answer, I promise to give you a wonderful/terrible/hilarious lie instead.

Okay.  Now if anybody sees me doing this or anything else that isn’t working on a script of some kind before February 15th, I want me shot, stuffed, and mounted in a disrespectful pose on the ballroom ceiling.  (Excepting the Into The Woods cast party.  I’m going to pretend that I’ve earned that one.)

More Life,

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